Proximity Alert

Social work habits are hard to change. The tracker beeps when it detects close contact with another employee or user which help warn people when they violate a recommended Social Distancing policy. Real-time monitoring of policies and traceability help managers take mitigation measures immediately, such as re-train non-compliant personnel and inform affected entities about close contact with Covid19 positive personnel.

Limit Crowds with Zoning

Factory floor is sub-divided into zones to limit spread of Covid-19. Help workers remain within their assigned zones by audio notification. Optionally inform management if worker repeatedly violates the zoning policy. Also monitor, predict, alert potential mass gatherings in physical venues and outdoor locations.

Monitoring Sanitization of Shared Assets

Geo Location Trackers are tagged to assets which are shared by multiple entities, they capture Asset location, evaluate peer to peer proximity as well proximity to monitored shared-use assets. Disinfect assets based on usage metrics and Ensure traceability of cleaning operations

Hospital extensions for COVID-19

Non-medical facilities get converted to hospitals to manage large influx of Covid-19 patients. Patients in these facilities need nurse call-buttons: Tracker has button and can locate bed. It also can be used to monitor usage and prevent loss of medical equipment (e.g. Respirators). This solution can also help maitain Social distancing in the facilty in addition to tracebility of close contacts

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